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Connecting Customer Success with Customer Education

Posted by Sarah Sedgman on 8/21/2023

When it comes to most software solutions, customers have numerous options and switching between solution providers has become easier and more cost-effective. To secure customer loyalty it is crucial that customers feel that they are deriving value from the software and in fact, can’t live without it.

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How to Choose a Generative AI Tool for Customer Education

Posted by Sarah Sedgman on 7/7/2023

Generative AI, such at ChatGPT, is a hot topic these days. The technology is revolutionizing the automation and creation of content, as well as tailoring outputs and interactions based on individual preferences and historical data.

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How AI is Growing in the Learning Industry and Creating Opportunity

Posted by Sarah Sedgman on 1/27/2022


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Posted by Milind Gurjar on 12/13/2021

If you are a leader in Education Services at a Technology company, answer this question – do your sponsors and stakeholders value Education Services? I often talk to technology training leaders. A pet peeve for a vast majority of them is their inability to get executive attention, funding and buy-in for their services. The few exceptions are leaders who work for SaaS companies or enlightened leaders. My own experience inside industry-leading hardware and software companies was similar. I invested more time and effort in selling the value of Education Services to internal stakeholders than selling the services to customers!

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Call For Submissions: CEdMA 2022 Innovation Award

Posted by Maggie Leon on 12/1/2021
We are pleased to announce that submissions for
the 2022 CEdMA Innovation Award are now open!


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