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Call For Submissions: CEdMA 2021 Impact Award

Posted by Maggie Leon on 4/5/2021
submissions for the 2021 CEdMA Impact Award are now open!

One of the toughest questions a training organization faces is what impact your efforts had. 
Sure, you create a lot of materials, train a lot of people, but does it make a difference for your organization?  For your company?  Was it definitely the training organization that made the difference, rather than numerous other factors?  And did the impact justify the investment that was made in the organization? 

The CEdMA Impact Award seeks to recognize a CEdMA member who demonstrates excellence both in the impact they and their organization have, as well as their ability to clearly prove that impact. 

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Engagement in the Era of Enterprise eLearning

Posted by Joe Schulz on 1/12/2021

The number of ways we can learn was on the rise long before the pandemic, but COVID served as a catalyst to speed the adoption of online virtual enterprise training models. As social distancing and remote-work became the foreseeable norm, the value of online learning with anyone, from anywhere, at any time increased exponentially.

A 2020 workplace report from LinkedIn found that 57 percent of learning and development professionals expect a jump in spending on online learning. For the third year in a row, more than 37 percent of learning and development professionals expect an increase in their budget.

Students, professionals, employees and managers are now embracing the power of virtual learning. New virtual learning models, like the following, help employers reduce costs, expand reach and speed knowledge transfer for learners across all remote environments.

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Call For Submissions: CEdMA 2021 Innovation Award

Posted by Maggie Leon on 12/1/2020
We are pleased to announce that submissions for
the 2021 CEdMA Innovation Award are now open!


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Do You Need a Certification Program?

Posted by Joe Cannata on 11/24/2020

Many institutions and companies constantly need to assess various skills. According to a recent survey, 40% of employers stated that specific, non-evergreen type skills are good for only four years. No matter the skill, there are many ways to measure if someone has mastery of it. Common methods include assessment tests, formal exams, oral presentations, hands-on demonstrations or the production of something that shows how the skill was applied.

Organizations need to decide how they will assess job skills. There are two basic routes to achieve this.

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Carrying On Business During a Pandemic

Posted by Julia Borgini on 8/31/2020

The global pandemic threw everyone for a loop and has left us all feeling uncertain about the future. How long will it last? What happens if my family or I get sick? Will I be laid off or furloughed?

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