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Kristine is a passionate believer in the power of customer education and customer marketing working together to achieve customer success at scale. Her customer education manifesto emphasizes process-driven education, onboarding for success, innovation through involvement, transparent communication, metrics, and scalable teams. Building on this, she discovered the significance of customer marketing, and her manifesto evolved to focus on scaling actions and understanding the customer journey. By integrating AI tools, she strives to enhance customer education and marketing processes. As the Principal / Owner of the Training Sherpa, she is a published author on AI in customer education and a recognized leader in that space, as well as the host of Mixology: The Intersection of Customer Education and Customer Marketing on YouTube.
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Foundations of Augmented Intelligence in Customer Education

Posted by Kristine Kukich on 1/31/2024

The Feedback Revolution: How Generative AI is Transforming Customer Education Assessments

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Topics: customer education, artificial intelligence, AI, generative AI

The Evolution of Chatbots: How can I use them?

Posted by Kristine Kukich on 11/22/2023


What are Chatbots?

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Topics: customer education, artificial intelligence, AI, chatbots

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