Mike Dowsey, CEdMA Librarian, shares some key benchmarks from the CEdMA Market Barometer and how they can be used to benchmark your training revenue and margin.
As a training leader at a technology company, it’s extremely helpful to have a pulse on industry performance so that you can measure your performance against what is happening in the market around you. The key questions most leaders want answers to include:

  • Is training revenue increasing or decreasing?
  • Is margin generated from training sales increasing or decreasing?
  • How are various training modalities performing in the market today compared to last year?
  • Is revenue from instructor-led training increasing or decreasing?
  • Are companies driving more revenue from selling training as a subscription?
  • What does the trend for training revenue and margin look like over the last several years?
How would you respond to these challenges? Do you have any data to benchmark your training revenue and margin against?

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