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Posted by Kristine Kukich on 1/31/2024
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The Feedback Revolution: How Generative AI is Transforming Customer Education Assessments

In any customer education practice, feedback can be foundational to personalization. It drives learning, guides improvement, and connects knowledge to action. But with the information at our fingertips today, practitioners are often drowning in a sea of assessments, struggling to keep up with the demand for personalized, actionable feedback. We see this as we build comprehension into learning modules, regardless of length. We see this as we create certification exams and question banks. How can we solve for it?

Enter the game-changer: generative AI. This evolutionary technology is revolutionizing the way we assess and provide feedback in customer education, paving the way for a future of personalized learning, real-time insights, and continuous improvement.

We can do all that with AI-powered feedback engines. Imagine a practice where:

  • Quizzes and tests are instantly reviewed, providing learners with immediate insights into their understanding and areas for improvement.
  • Open-ended questions are analyzed in minutes, not hours, with detailed feedback on style and content, tailored to each learner's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Open-ended questions prompt follow-up activities that encourage deeper exploration and critical thinking.

This isn't fiction. Not anymore. It's the reality that generative AI is making possible. By leveraging the power of natural language processing and machine learning, AI systems can now understand the nuances of human language, identify patterns in learner responses, and generate personalized feedback that is both insightful and actionable. As customer education professionals, it gives us the opportunity to leverage more meaningful interactions with learners by creating more interactive assessments and certifications.

The benefits of AI-powered feedback are diverse, and impact designers as well as learners:

  • Reduced workload: Freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks in the course development lifecycle.
  • Personalized learning: Tailoring feedback to individual learning styles and needs, leading to improved understanding and retention.
  • Faster and more frequent feedback: Providing learners with the information they need to course-correct in real-time, accelerating their progress.
  • Increased engagement: Making assessments more interactive and dynamic, keeping learners motivated and invested in their learning journey.

Tasks that may leverage generative AI may be incorporated into the assessment creation process.

  • Creating comprehension assessment questions at the end of lessons by analyzing the content of the lesson.
  • Creating distractor answers for assessment or certification questions.
  • Analyzing text or essay responses to assessment questions.
  • Analyzing video responses to assessment or certification questions.

As I discuss with Sarah Sedgman in our AIinCEin5 episodes, implementing AI-powered feedback effectively requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning, as with any new tools. Think about the following as you plan:

  • Data quality is crucial: AI systems are only as good as the data they're trained on. Ensure your assessments are well-designed and aligned with your learning objectives.
  • Human oversight is essential: AI should be seen as a tool to augment, not replace, human expertise. There should always be review and validation of AI-generated feedback before providing it to learners.
  • Transparency and trust are key: Learners need to understand how AI is being used and how their data is being protected. Building trust is essential for ensuring the success of any AI-powered initiative.

Generative AI is playing a key role in shaping the future of customer education and content generation. By embracing this technology thoughtfully and strategically, we can create a learning environment where feedback becomes a strong catalyst for growth, empowering learners.

So, are you ready to join the feedback revolution?

Resources and Inspiration:

TaskLab.aiUses AI to generate personalized feedback on essays and other written assignments.

BongoLeverages AI to analyze video assessments and testing results and give feedback.

Kryterion: 4 Ways AI can be used in credentialing



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