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Debbie, Senior Director, Visier University, is an entrepreneurial, innovative Customer Education people leader with extensive learning strategy, instructional design, eLearning design and development, user experience, and project management experience. She has been named as one of 17 people to follow in Customer Education and brings her passion and vision for Customer Education to her role as President of CEdMA.
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Using a Customer-first Voice in Customer Education

Posted by Debbie Smith on 12/20/2023

A customer-first voice is a way of speaking and writing that focuses on the customer's needs and wants. It's about using clear, concise language that is easy to understand. It's also about being helpful and friendly and always putting the customer first. It helps establish a customer-centric culture.

In a customer-first voice, you focus on creating a positive experience. You need to understand the customer's perspective, anticipate their questions or concerns, and address them effectively through your writing.

Characteristics of a customer-first voice include:

  • Empathy: Show understanding and compassion for the customer's challenges or pain points.
  • Clarity: Use clear and concise language to convey messages and instructions without confusion.
  • Simplicity: Avoid jargon or complex terminology that might hinder comprehension.
  • Active Voice: Use active voice to make the writing more engaging and direct.
  • Personalization: Tailor your writing to the specific needs and preferences of the customer.
  • Positive Tone: Use a friendly, approachable, and helpful tone to build rapport and trust.
  • Solution-Oriented: Offer solutions and provide relevant information to address customer needs.
  • Consistency: Use a consistent voice and tone to reinforce the customer experience.

When you write using a customer-first voice, it helps you connect with customers. It helps convey information effectively and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction.


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