Members of the Customer Education Management Association (CEdMA), a non-profit industry organization, are committed to ethical professional conduct. They have joined together in subscribing to this Statement of Ethical Conduct embracing the following conditions of membership in the association.

As CEdMA members in good standing we hereby agree to commit our organization to the following terms of membership.

  1. CEdMA is founded on the principle that the individual members have common goals with regard to the advancement of education and training in the high-tech industry.

  2. CEdMA serves as a forum to bring together individuals who work for high-tech companies, who are responsible for training functions, and who share the same ongoing challenges of educating customers, partners and/or internal employees.

  3. CEdMA is a forum to enhance all member businesses by committing ourselves to the advancement of training and education services in the high-tech marketplace and, by so doing, expanding and improving the quality and availability of our educational products and services.

  4. CEdMA is not a forum for collusion regarding product pricing, product delivery, employee or contractor compensation, or any other topics that involve collusion with regard to selling products and service.

  5. CEdMA members will not market or solicit business from member companies for the purpose of advancing the sale and distribution of their own individual company’s products.

  6. CEdMA members may be exposed to information or data that is confidential to member companies and members agree that this information will not be shared outside of the association or used outside of their own individual company.

  7. CEdMA was not founded to advance the business of one company over another.

  8. CEdMA members will uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of the education industry by being honest in serving its customers, clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the public. Members are expected to positively advertise the benefits of high-tech education
    and refrain in all respects from disparaging comments concerning other members, product vendors, and service providers.


To view the full description of CEdMA's Member Code of Conduct document, last updated January 2021, click here.


The CEdMA Bylaws were last updated in February 2021 and can be seen here.