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Posted by Pat Durante on 5/15/2017

At its heart, CEdMA has always been a social network.  CEdMA was founded in January 1991, two years before Mosaic (the first multi-media web browser) and much has transpired since those humble beginnings.  Although the power and value of meeting face-to-face is still very much in the forefront of how we learn from each other – in the form of our highly attended bi-annual Training Leadership Conferences - the power of social networking online is undeniable.  Most would agree that our work life and career management are forever intertwined with the social network.

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Leveraging the CEdMA Network

Posted by Donna Weber on 9/15/2016

When I launched my first Customer Education organization from scratch, I was terrified. I reached out to a colleague to mentor me through the process, and the first thing she said to me was, “Join CEdMA.”

Being a training department of one, I didn’t have colleagues readily available to throw ideas around with, to share experiences of successes and failures. But as soon as I joined CEdMA, I had a network of colleagues to learn from. My solitary training department just got a lot bigger, and my CEdMA network gave me the tools and the confidence to move forward, and bring so much more to the table than my limited experience and skills.

When I need to learn something quickly, I first ask myself, “Who can I talk to?” I am wondering if someone has done this before, and I don’t have to figure it all out myself.

Networking provides many benefits, including gaining access to advice and expertise, improved opportunities, increased confidence, and satisfaction from helping others.  

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Topics: Networking

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