Dirk Braune, CEdMA Services Trustee & BMC Software Director of Education Development, shares some key benchmarks from the CEdMA Pricing Analysis and how they can be used to benchmark your training pricing and strategy. 

It’s very common for an education leader at a technology company to face challenges from product sellers such as:

  • Why is our training so expensive?
  • Our competitors offer training for free.  Why can’t we offer our training for free?

It’s not easy to set the price point for training especially if you manage a global training business.  You may face challenges such as:

  • Losing deals because your training pricing was too high for a region
  • Margin erosion because your pricing is below the possible price in a certain region and the associated costs to deliver training in that region
  • Competition from grey marketing training organizations competing against you on price

How would you respond to these challenges?  Do you have any data to benchmark your training pricing and discounting strategy against?

If you find this type of data valuable, consider joining CEdMA to gain access to the full result set and our benchmarking tools.

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