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Welcome to the CEdMA Social Community!

Posted by Pat Durante on 5/15/2017
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At its heart, CEdMA has always been a social network.  CEdMA was founded in January 1991, two years before Mosaic (the first multi-media web browser) and much has transpired since those humble beginnings.  Although the power and value of meeting face-to-face is still very much in the forefront of how we learn from each other – in the form of our highly attended bi-annual Training Leadership Conferences - the power of social networking online is undeniable.  Most would agree that our work life and career management are forever intertwined with the social network.

This month, CEdMA once again re-imagined our member engagement strategy in the form of the CEdMA Social Community.  Built on YourMembership’s SocialLink platform, we believe we have offered the most powerful online networking vehicle in CEdMA history.   Your CEdMA experience from here forward is now aligned with how you are used to collaborating and interacting with other professionals.  

If you are already a member login now to check out the new experience.

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Here are some highlights of our new community:

  • You can interact while you are at a computer or right from your mobile device. Simply download the SocialLink app to your iOS or Android device and log in with your CEdMA credentials
  • You can create a profile with a nice headshot to help members get to know you
  • You can search for other members and send connect requests
  • You can post your thoughts in the main feed or in a specific group
  • You can join and participate in any of our seven groups (which include a feed, a forum, events calendar, shared files and more!)
  • You can access our most popular content including Goldmine, Job Board, and Benchmarks/Metrics via the new “Quick Links” menu

Join CEdMA today to be part of this vibrant and niche community of though-leaders running training businesses at technology companies!

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