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Lauren Thibodeau helps B2B SaaS companies accelerate customer adoption and crush churn through targeted learning and adoption programs and customer experience strategies. She also leads organizations through their strategic planning process. Prior to becoming a consultant with Stratford Managers, Lauren held global leadership and executive roles at Kinaxis, Parametric Technology Corp (PTC), IBM, Cognos, and Queen’s University. Lauren supports the community by organizing SaaS and Customer Experience / Customer Success meetups in the Ottawa, Canada area, and through her work as Director, Governance on the iSisters Technology Mentoring board. Lauren holds university degrees in Business, Adult Education, and French Literature & Linguistics.
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It’s A Jungle Out There - Of Content That Is (Part 3): The Technology Stack

Posted by Lauren Thibodeau on 4/9/2020


“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

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It’s A Jungle Out There - Of Content That Is (Part 1)

Posted by Lauren Thibodeau on 6/4/2019


According to McKinsey and IDC, knowledge workers spend on average 19% of their working time - about a day a week - just looking for information, not actually doing productive work. That’s staggering for a few reasons, not least of which is the math. Let’s take a company with 100 employees who each earn an average salary of 80K per year. If they all spend a day a week searching for information, with mixed results of finding what they’re looking for, that’s $1.6M a year in lost productivity, for that company alone. Employees could have been doing higher value work. And take this real-life example: a company founder who was known to spend half days looking for documents in corporate systems to share with new employees, only to come up empty handed. What was even more frustrating: he wrote those documents so he knew they were there!

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