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The conference (agenda) takes place at the Heathrow Renaissance, on Mon 13th through Wed 15th of November. The theme is “Experiences with AI, Techstack, Subscriptions and More.

Administrate, Fuse Universal, Kryterion and Thought Industries are speaking sponsors.

CloudShare, Instruqt, Synthesia and Training Orchestra are booth sponsors.


Administrate is the premier training management platform designed to scale and manage the complexities of enterprise training. Administrate offers:

  • Centralized training operations: Track all training resources, manage student enrollment, generate training schedules, manage learner and instructor data, all from a single platform.
  • Automation of critical tasks: Eliminate manual processes and repeated communications, tasks, workflows, and notifications.
  • Data analytics: Create robust intelligence reports from a single system of record to inform business decisions, demonstrate positive training ROI, and forecast training challenges.
  • Motivate Learner Engagement: Award certifications and learning achievements automatically.
  • AI-Powered Operations Planning: Solve complex training requirements, schedules, and logistics.
  • Integrate training and business systems: Leverage ready-to-use integrations for best in class business systems or build custom configurations through our API.

Organizations like Roche, Siemens Healthineers, and Maersk Training leverage Administrate to automate manual processes, solve complex training schedules and logistics, and access previously siloed data to make data-driven decisions. Administrate was founded in 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has offices in Bozeman, Mont. Jump into the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Administrate was founded in 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has offices in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

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CloudShare is a leading software experience platform, helping software companies increase customer acquisition and retention by creating highly engaging, hands-on virtual training, POCs, and demos.

CloudShare's virtual software experiences are easily replicated in the cloud and purpose-built to generate user engagement that ultimately impacts key business metrics such as repeat purchase rates, lower support costs, higher win rates, faster sales cycle, and more.

We are proud to serve leading global software companies such as Palo Alto Networks, Motorola, Atlassian, Microsoft, SAI Global, ForgeRock, Salesforce, and many more.


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Fuse is a leading leader in revolutionising customer training and development for businesses globally. At the core of its approach there is an advanced AI-powered platform. This platform seamlessly integrates learning, knowledge, and communication directly into  customer interactions, ensuring personalized and effective learning experiences. This integration empowers organizations to nurture a skilled workforce by providing consistent updates to customers, enabling them to learn at the point of need, efficiently master tasks, and enhance their expertise.

Fuse has earned the trust of a diverse range of global brands, including Panasonic, Mazda, Avon, IHG, Dropbox among many others.



You want customers to derive maximum value from your product and seamlessly integrate it into their work, then incorporate Instruqt hands-on labs for customer onboarding and education. Instruqt accelerates product adoption through learning by doing in real environments, even for complex technology.

Customer education typically includes webinars, documentation, or video tutorials. However, passive learning content falls short of enabling real-world applications. That's why industry leaders like MongoDB, Red Hat, and HashiCorp turn to Instruqt, the #1 growth-focused virtual IT lab.

With Instruqt, customers quickly see the value of your product through frictionless hands-on learning. Provide a learning environment that mirrors their tech stacks and helps them learn in real-world contexts. Let them explore your software safely, learn from mistakes, and fully grasp its value to become more productive users. Say goodbye to passive training and hello to increased engagement and faster time-to-value.

And what's more, Instruqt's automation features enable you to manage your training budget. Optimize resources and reduce costs by suspending or deleting training environments when not in use—scale customer education with few resources. Gain insights into customer behavior; track engagement using Instruqt and demonstrate training ROI.

See Instruqt in action and discover why engineers and developers love learning on it.

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Learn why leading IT firms and others worldwide are migrating to Kryterion’s unique, self-service, SaaS exam management platform. Reasons include in-house control, faster publishing, multi-modal delivery, ease-of-use, outstanding support, scalability, and affordability. Serving assessment providers since 2001. Leading by example. To learn more visit with us at the conference or at

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Synthesia is the world’s leading AI video generation platform with a mission to make video easy for everyone. Utilising AI, it allows you to create studio-quality videos with lifelike AI presenters from a browser — without cameras, actors, or microphones.

Never before has it been possible to create professional videos at this scale and without prior video editing experience. In Synthesia, you simply select an AI avatar, type in your script in any of 120+ supported languages, and your video is generated in minutes. You can also create your own AI avatar, which is a simple 15-minute process.

The intuitive platform is already used by 50,000 companies of all sizes, including Fortune 500, to create video content for learning & development, marketing, corporate communications, and customer experience.

Combining technical, academic and entrepreneurial excellence, the company is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of synthetic video, with ethics being an integral part of the product they’re building.


The only enterprise learning platform purpose-built for customer, partner, and professional training.

There’s a big difference between a system built for small programs and one that’s built for big business. Founded in 2013, our mission is clear: modernize online learning experiences to make them intuitive, engaging, and scalable. Today, our team is dedicated to powering the business of learning with the only training platform with completely native tools and integrations that drive higher customer engagement, learner proficiency, and retention. Headquartered in Boston, with offices spanning North America and Europe, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more details.


Company Video: Here

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Training Orchestra is the global leader in Training Management Software for automating and optimising complex Classroom, vILT and Hybrid training operations for customer, partner, distributor, member and employee training.


Recognized as the Strategic Leader in Fosway's 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems, Training Orchestra eliminates manual processes and spreadsheets and powers end-to-end training scheduling and operations so that it is efficient, effective and collaborative:

  • Scheduling & Resource Management: Streamline course and resource scheduling for your public and private sessions. Create conflict free schedules in minutes, not hours, for your courses, instructors and resources.
  • Instructor Assignment and Collaboration: Easily find, schedule and coordinate with your best training facilitators and SMEs. Deliver exceptional training while maximising trainer utilization.
  • Financial Performance & Profitability: Monitor, track and consolidate training costs and financial performance in real-time.
  • Sales Cycle Management: Maximise revenue from your sales cycle with one system to manage all your training from order to invoice.
  • Training Data & Analytics: Thoroughly monitor performance and KPIs with deep and detailed reporting, so you can visualize, interpret and act on your critical data.
  • Global Operations Management: Collaborate effortlessly while handling multiple audiences, timezones, locations, languages, and currencies with ease.
  • Seamless LMS, CRM, HRIS System Integration: Connect to any LMS, HRIS, CRM, marketing or business-critical technology with seamless out-of-the box or custom integration via REST API.

For 20+ years, Training Orchestra's award winning TMS has helped world class organisations to simplify their complex in-person, virtual classroom and hybrid training operations. Training Orchestra has offices in France, UK, US and Canada.


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Current CEdMA Europe Board Members

Chairman, Kevin Streater, ForgeRock
Vice Chairman, Faez Ahmed, KInaxis
Treasurer, Dan Johnson, Hyperexponential
Dirk Braune, BMC Software
Tim Mynett, Avid Technology
Carl Tanner, Google Cloud
Annette Wiesner-Albat, Informatica
Joachim Worf, Dell Technologies
Steven Carr, Infoblox

Non-executive Director, Rob Taal
Non-executive Director, Peter Manijak