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The premiere organization for education focused training at tech and software companies


Connecting Customer Success with Customer Education

When it comes to most software solutions, customers have numerous options and switching between solution providers has...

How to Choose a Generative AI Tool for Customer Education

Generative AI, such at ChatGPT, is a hot topic these days. The technology is revolutionizing the automation and...

What is CEdMA?

CEdMA, a premier Customer Education organization, provides valuable resources including industry insights, best practices, and networking opportunities for its members - executives, managers, and professionals at Technology companies responsible for modern technical learning programs.

Join CEdMA to gain access to a community of hundreds of members and valuable information such as industry survey data. We share a passion for impacting business metrics with high-quality training on technology products.

CEdMA includes over 600 members, representing over 100 technology companies. CEdMA also has a European branch which you can learn more about below



Upcoming Events

SIG meetings run for one hour with Zoom, starting at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 4pm UTC, 5pm CET

Registration information will be sent out at least two weeks in advance.

Reminders will be sent to group members a couple of days before each event.

Sep 20, Sales and Marketing SIG, "Customer Education meets Marketing"

Sep 21, Subscriptions SIG, "The Infoblox Subscription Program"

Sep 28, Tech Stack SIG, "Leveraging GenAI in the Classroom and in the Office"

13-15 September, CEdMA Europe Conference, London Heathrow Renaissance, "Experiences with AI, Techstack, Subscriptions and More"

SIG Chairs

Certification, Eva Chase

Education Design/Development, David Sacco

Partners, open

Sales and Marketing, Martin Hill

Startup/Small Team, open

Subscriptions, Jean Bennett

Tech Stack, Andy Ho

Development/Academic Programs, Jenni Jones

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