Our History

Founded in 1991, CEdMA (Customer Education Management Association) is the organization to join for training executives, managers, and professionals focused on education services leadership at high tech companies.  CEdMA is a networking tour-de-force with over 450 individual members representing about 80 technology companies ranging from large enterprises such as IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson, and Juniper Networks to some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups such as MuleSoft, Black Duck Software, and DataStax.

"Joining CEdMA has been a true godsend.I wish I had time to attend more of the SIG meetings but the LT SIG has been so informative and been a great teaching tool. Our organization has been living in the dark ages for so long. We’ve finally gained agreement to come out of “1987” so the ability to chat with others informally about what works and lessons learned is a tremendous asset.

Thanks (CEdMA Board) for all that you do!

— Cynthia Stegall, Sr. Director Customer Enablement Strategy at Software AG 




Our Vision

Align education services with corporate objectives by driving customer success and adoption in a fiscally responsible way, while providing outstanding value to our members through mentoring, metrics/benchmarking, professional development and networking.

“There’s an intimacy in being part of CEdMA. It’s not about meeting 1000 people.

It’s about meeting five people who are exactly like me.”

— Pat Durante, Senior Director, Technical Enablement at Talend

CEdMA President and member for 15 years

Our Mission 

The mission of CEdMA can be summarized in four simple words:  Collaborate, Accelerate, Elevate, and Educate.

  1. Collaborate – Learn from the leaders of customer-facing education services organizations at technology companies and participate in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to define best practices around training subscriptions, certification, course development, and much more.
  2. Accelerate – Get to market faster by leveraging the expertise of our members and the vast resources provided to build upon (pricing surveys, best practices, etc.)
  3. Elevate – Elevate your own career (be seen as the expert on education services), Elevate your Education Services organization by producing better results, and Elevate your company (by improving product adoption and renewals/follow-on sales)
  4. Educate – Educate your peers, your employees, and your management chain about the value of education services to the company and Educate your peers in CEdMA by sharing what you have learned


“It is a year long thing. I learn constantly through the tools on the website,

through the special interest groups, and through the webinars.”

— Maggie Leon, Sr. Manager Technical Curriculum Development, Pegasystems

Who should join CEdMA?

CEdMA is an exclusive, member-led community of education services professionals in both large enterprise and early stage technology companies. Members include executive-level leaders (VPs, Senior Directors, etc.), first line managers, aspiring leaders, and individual contributors in all education services roles such as curriculum development, training delivery, training operations, certification program management, training sales, and training marketing. Whether you are new to education services or looking for innovative ways to transform your organization, CEdMA is the place for you.

“No matter where I was in my career [mature technology companies or startups],

there was always an opportunity to learn and contribute with the help of my CEdMA colleagues.”

— Khalid Shaikh, Customer Education at Datastax


Join CEdMA


Why Join CEdMA?

People join CEdMA because it is:


  • Designed for education services professionals in technology companies
  • An exclusive, member-led community
  • A place to share unique knowledge, experiences, and best practices
  • A place to accelerate and grow a business and your career

When your leadership asks what others are doing in education services, you will have the answer.


“I was looking for a resource that could coach me on how to do my job better.

CEdMA was a one stop shop for someone like me trying to learn how to run a training business, without the background for doing that.”

— Dan Richardson, Customer Success and Education Manager, Mercatus