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I'm a professional writer, copywriter & content marketing specialist working exclusively with B2B tech and sports tech companies. I work with marketers with packed schedules and few resources. Together, we'll create all the content marketing assets you need to deliver a consistent and repeatable message through your various marketing channels.
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Three Ways Customer Education and Customer Success Can Work Together

Posted by Julia Borgini on 11/14/2018

Customer success (CS) and customer experience (CX) are big buzz words today. According to the American Marketing Association, the majority of companies say improving the customer experience is one of their top priorities. This has led to an explosion of CS and CX teams. How does customer education (CE) fit into the new landscape? Can CE increase CX by itself or does it need to align with CS teams to have a greater impact?

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11 Ways Digital Badges Affect eLearning design

Posted by Julia Borgini on 7/30/2018

Digital badges are fast becoming the benchmark for online learning. As they've grown in popularity and use, learning designers have had to adapt to badges as well, incorporating them into their overall course designs. But just how are digital badges affecting learning design?

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