Foundation Series F0 - Technical Training Management (printable)

Course Summary:

There's a lot more to technical training management than you think!


  • Why we developed the program
  • Strategy and Business Design
  • Sales and Training Delivery Strategy
  • Business and Operations Management
  • Offering Development and Management.

  • (F1) Why we developed the technical training management course and how it will assist in the development of skills and competencies

  • (F2) What's required to develop and implement a technical training strategy and business design, including business alignment, training product management, business model and business development and marketing management

  • (F3) How to develop sales strategy and metrics, plan and deliver to the training opportunity, expand sales and delivery capability and expand training offerings

  • (F4) Business and operations management, including financial management, creating the budget plan, pricing models, legal (the basics), business performance matrix, governance, financial, business and training-specific metrics, and the absolute basics of infrastructure

  • (F5) Offerings management and development, including offering types, modalities, capitalising on learning modalities, curriculum objectives, content development models and lifecycle and certification and its life cycle.
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 60 minutes



There is no charge for the Foundation Module. To explore this further, visit the TTM storeor for questions contact