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The book was written on behalf of CEdMA Europe by Philip Bourne. Philip has 30 years of proven management and directorship skills within the computer and education/training industry. He has continually achieved annualised business growth and high gross profits, while striving for optimum outcomes in a results-orientated environment, without compromising quality of service or standards. He has developed and maintained global business relationships, and people from varying multicultural backgrounds, for companies such as Lotus Development, IBM and Symantec. Key to his success has been his ability to provide and develop innovative solutions to broad-based business and training challenges.

Philip has held positions as board chairman with CEdMA Europe, vice president for BCS and non-executive director for both BCS Learning & Development Ltd and is currently non-executive director for CEdMA Europe.


The Technical Training Organisation
Strategy and Business Execution
Technical Training Product Management
Business Model
Business Development and Marketing Mgmt
Revenue Generation
Schedule and Resource Management
Authorised Training Partner Management
Consulting Services
Offerings and Modalities
Curriculum Development and Management
Governance and Metrics Management
Staff Management and Development
Infrastructure and Tools


Book Endorsements

For experienced business leaders or professionals new to the area, this book provides a comprehensive, detailed guide to managing a technical training business. It includes concise definitions of often misunderstood training concepts, time-proven examples of organization design, contracts, workflows and decision trees. CEdMA Europe and the British Computer Society have created both a valuable primer and essential day-to-day handbook to building and leading a top-notch, profitable, technical training business.
Cushing Anderson, VP of IT Education and Certification Research at IDC

This valuable book fills an important gap in the current literature on training and its management. For too long training in general, and technical training in particular, have largely been managed ad hoc, with everything from processes to strategy either inherited from the past or patched together on the fly. This volume takes a forensic, detailed look at every aspect of the delivery of technical training and what is necessary to make a success of it – emphasising the importance of business alignment but also exploring everything from channel partnerships to the legal issues and managing your team. It will be essential reading for anyone in charge of a technical training team.
Donald H Taylor, chair, Learning and Performance Institute.

‘Technical Training Management’ provides a comprehensive framework for companies who are just getting their customer technical education programs off the ground, and a nice refresher for more seasoned leaders. Philip shares his real world experience and has also managed to provide a modern perspective on customer technical education models for today’s customer success focused world.
Danielle Campbell, Senior Vice President, Global Enablement and Education, Infor

An excellent guide and rich compendium of principles to help run a successful technical training business. The book is a very useful reference companion to be used daily - it is comprehensive, insightful and full of best practices.
Matthew Poyiadgi, Vice President, Pearson VUE, Europe, Middle East & Africa

CEdMA Europe has created an impressively comprehensive refence guide for the technical/customer training business.  Every level of training manager (from novice to expert) can leverage this deep dive into all aspects of the training business.  Excited to see the sections on Offering Managements and Business Development/Marketing which cover topics that are often overlooked by many training organizations. 
Terry Vyas, VP Education Services, PTC

This is a book you will go back to time and time again.  I regard it as an invaluable assistant to anyone involved in service-based training businesses in today’s technology driven world. 
It is a significant body of knowledge for our industry with, current practical experience and laser like insight into everything from Strategy to Scheduling, and from Making Money in each Modality to Legal protection.  I anticipate it providing professional success to those who learn from the guidance within its pages.
Jon Buttriss, Ex CEO BCS Learning and Development