Certified Technical Training Manager (CTTM) by CEdMA

The CEdMA CTTM is a specialized credential that focuses on the role of the training leader with the commercial and business skills needed to manage performance improvement and financial achievement efficiently and effectively. CTTMs will have gained the commercial and business tools to prepare them for a future role to reach new heights in their training career.

Why we developed CTTM

CEdMA Europe is the premier organization for training executives, managers, and professionals on a management path within the Vendor Information Communication Technology arena, covering hardware, software, cloud and learning technology related companies. In 2015, we determined to build a program on technical training management development, covering both professional skills and commercial skills.

Many incumbents are accidental training managers having previously been instructors or field consultants. Training management is not often seen as an important career within the business. There are wide gaps in the knowledge of most training managers, such as strategy and business execution, training product management, governance and metrics management, legal, and so on. For commercial training, there’s also business development and marketing management, revenue generation, sales, and financials.

A survey of members in 2015 resulted in 70% supporting the development of a program leading to certification. The January 2016 quarterly workshop concentrated on giving feedback to the overall program, section relevancy and the content and style of the individual subject areas

What we did first – the book

All CEdMA Europe members are full-time employees within member training groups. Some are relatively new to the business, but many have decades of experience across small, medium and large organizations.

The one thing they don’t have is time to help develop materials. However, the recently retired chairman (Philip Bourne who also became a non-executive director) volunteered to write a book based on his 30+ years in management positions in both UK and US companies.

The Book Contents (18 modules)
TTM Front Cover as Published.tif


The Technical Training Organisation

Strategy and Business Execution

Technical Training Product Management

Business Model

Business Development and Marketing Management

Revenue Generation


Schedule and Resource Management

Authorised Training Partner Management

Consulting Services

Offerings and Modalities

Curriculum Development and Management


Governance and Metrics Management


Staff Management and Development


Infrastructure and Tools
Available from: British Computer Society Amazon



The book was published in April 2019 at the CEdMA Europe Spring conference.

What we did next – online self-study

To create interest, the author of the book first created a foundation module introducing the program in five parts:

  • Introduction video
  • Strategy and Business Design
  • Sales and Training Delivery Strategy
  • Business and Operations Management
  • Offering Development and Management.

The duration is 120 minutes, including four quizzes. This is free module and successful candidates receive a digital badge.

Several board members self-selected in developing modules based on their particular skills and  experience. There is a module for each of the chapters in the book.

We identified six management roles within Training and assigned knowledge modules to each role: Business Management, Business Development, Product Management, Curriculum Development, Delivery Management, Operations Management.

Technical Training Management Role Business Mgmt. Business Devel. Product Mgmt. Curriculum Devel. Delivery Mgmt. Operations Mgmt. Duration (mins.)
Knowledge Modules Codes R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 I

The Technical Training Org.



Y Y Y Y Y 30

Strategy & Business Execution


Y Y Y Y Y Y 30

Technical Training Product Mgmt.


Y   Y       60

Business Model


Y Y         30

Business Development


Y Y Y       40

Marketing Management


Y Y Y   Y   60

Revenue Generation


Y Y Y       50



Y Y         40

Schedule and Resource Mgmt.


Y       Y Y 80

Authorised Training Partner Mgmt.


Y Y     Y Y 30

Consulting Services


Y       Y   50

Offerings and Modalities


Y Y Y Y Y   35

Curriculum Development & Mgmt,


Y     Y     35



Y   Y Y     45

Governance & Metrics Mgmt.


Y Y Y Y Y Y 30



Y   Y   Y Y 50

Staff Management & Development


Y Y Y Y Y Y 40



Y Y     Y Y 40

Infrastructure and Tools


Y     Y Y Y 40

Number of modules


19 11 12 8 12 9  

Duration (hours)


14 8 8 5 9 7  


Each of the knowledge modules has a quiz at the end and successful candidates receive a digital badge. However, candidates will normally follow one of the six training paths, the number of modules of which and total duration are shown in the table. Upon successful completion of a training path, a “super” digital badge is awarded.

The content along with its practical application is sufficient to pass the Certified Technical Training Manager (CTTM) examination, planned to be available in the summer of 2020. 


The single price for the whole program is $495. This includes all training paths and all knowledge modules. To explore this further, visit the TTM storeor for questions contact ttm@cedma-europe.org.