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Posted by Robert Castaneda on 9/5/2016


In 2014, I attended my first CEdMA conference in Boston. Upon arriving, I instantly felt at home with my "people". You know, us. The ones that run the education businesses behind the software companies that are disrupting the world. We're the few, the forgotten. We run businesses within businesses and train the world on the technology that changes it.

But we're all busy people and the industry footprint and profile of CEdMA wasn't keeping up.  So when asked to help out at CEdMA, I thought I could help out by contributing to the awareness of CEdMA. Here's my paragraph for my motivation to run for the Marketing Trustee position:


"My motivation for running is to help with the marketing of CEdMA. Being in the industry for 15+ years I had only stumbled across CEdMA by accident. I feel like I can help lift the profile and awareness of CEdMA. There are many adjacent areas that are of particular interest to myself and other members, including Customer Success and the positioning of Education in these areas is something that will become a common challenge for many and something that I am passionate about."

And Today....

We're thrilled to be able to share our new CEdMA.org website with the world, including a new video highlighting the core purpose of CEdMA.

We're the leaders, helping technology companies change the world. Because if technology isn't adopted, it doesn't have the impact - and as education leaders, we make that happen.


Collaborate. Accelerate. Elevate. Educate.



Note - our previous site is being migrated to http://members.cedma.org and will continue to run from there. Please pardon our dust during the transition process!  If you have any comments, I invite you to leave them below. If you spot any errors or are having troubles, please reach out to marketing _at_ cedma.org



Welcome to the CEdMA Blog

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