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Technical Training Management – Investing in your Career

Posted by Mike Dowsey on 5/14/2020
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technical-trainingAre you a training manager who fell into your role? Were you once an instructor or field consultant who started creating your own training content, and now you have a new career? Or, are you looking to switch careers and want to explore the world of training management? Although not often seen as the most important function in an organization, training management is definitely a career worthy of professional development investment.

There is so much to learn and know to be truly successful in the role: strategy and business execution, training product management, governance and metrics management, legal, staffing and more. On the commercial training side, there is business development, marketing management, revenue generation, sales, and financials. I can go on and on.

How do you show that you not only have what it takes to lead training functions for organizations, but that you perhaps have skills that others do not have?

CEdMA Europe created a program to help you better answer that question: Certified Technical Training Manager (CTTM).

This specialized credential focuses on the role of the training leader. Those who achieve CTTM can demonstrate that they have gained the commercial and business knowledge needed to successfully lead training organizations.

The program started with a book written by Philip Bourne called Technical Training Management.

Next came the online self-study program, which was developed by CEdMA Europe members. Candidates progress from foundation to knowledge-level badges, and ultimately to a role-based digital badge once a training path has been completed. Once ready, candidates can attempt the CTTM examination, planned to be available in July 2020.

The price for the training program is $495, which includes all training paths and all knowledge modules.

Whether you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a credential to validate your skills, or you are new to the training management function and want to develop your skills, this opportunity is for you.

Ready to start? Click here.

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