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Here’s What CEdMA Members Say About the CEdMA Conference in Nashville

Posted by Donna Weber on 1/30/2020
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With 2020 now in full swing, many CEdMA members are still basking in the glow of the CEDMA conference in Nashville last November. While it was toasty inside the Marriott conference rooms, stepping outside was another matter. 138 attendees from 29 companies arrived just in time for the arctic blast hitting the nation (temperatures got as low as 17 with snow) in Nashville that week. 

Bonnie Willoughby, Joe Cannata, and Kathleen Roche welcome CEdMA vendors and sponsors

Bonnie Willoughby, Joe Cannata, and Kathleen Roche welcome CEdMA vendors and sponsors

The conference started off with a bang with our keynote, Sima Dahl, international keynote speaker and corporate trainer. Natasa Koledin, CEdMA VP and VP of Education Services at Plex Systems discovered, “Getting away from job titles and getting in tune with our SWAY factor to brand ourselves and our industry was a big takeaway. By making a few key adjustments to my headline and putting a different lens on how things are worded gave me a much-needed makeover and fresher perspective."

First time attendee, Julie Zammit, especially enjoyed networking at the annual conference. Julie, Senior Learning Experience Designer at ACS Technologies shares, "I came away with a great appreciation and a sense of belonging. I witnessed first-hand the dedication of board members like Mindi Gascho, Danielle Campbell, and others who work tirelessly to provide a meaningful experience for us all. I also met many CEdMA members and learned about their work and organizations. And, although I participate in virtual SIG meetings, my connections are more meaningful now that I met the SIG leaders in person."

Over the course of two days attendees had the opportunity to network and learn in 20 sessions, with 40 speakers and 15 vendors, to share technology, processes, and creative approaches to address the challenges and opportunities found in our industry today. Danielle Campbell, CEdMA President and Head of Global Learning Strategy at Adobe, shares, "This year, the CEdMA Board tried something new: creating a destination-based learning and networking event to reach more of our members at the same time. Overall, the event was a great success. The tracks, the general sessions and the vendor participation ensured there was content for everyone. Plus, several participants extended their trips to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nashville.” In addition to the awesome keynote, conference highlights included: 

  • An overview of the new CEdMA Technical Training Management program and book
  • Google and Kinaxis both presented sessions on their award-winning innovative and impactful programs
  • An evening at Backstage Nashville where three singer-songwriters shared stories and songs with us
  • Presenting Pat Durante of Talend with the 2019 Innovation Award

Backstage Nashville singer songwriters perform for us

Backstage Nashville singer songwriters perform for us

Mindi Gascho, CEdMA Conference Trustee and Director of Education Services at iBASEt comments, "The CEdMA conference is a professional "booster shot" for me - and this year didn't disappoint! I look forward to this ‘go to’ conference every year. Each topic and discussion was pertinent to my world and the sessions seemed to be created just for me and my team! I continue to be amazed at the talent and ambition of my colleagues in this industry. Working with the presenters and preparing for the conference was an absolute delight. Arriving in Nashville, seeing old friends, making new ones, and learning from each other was invigorating. Each year I go home inspired, energized, and renewed. Thank you to everyone who participated in this great event."

Donna Weber presents Pat Durante the 2019 Innovation Award

Donna Weber presents Pat Durante the 2019 Innovation Award

Stay tuned for details on the CEdMA 2020 conference, which will be held in the Fall. Consider sharing your knowledge and expertise as a presenter. In the meantime, applications are being accepted for the 2020 Impact award. Learn more here.


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