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Julia Borgini is a self-proclaimed Geek, technical copywriter, and content marketer who specializes in B2B technology & SaaS. Her writing helps her clients generate leads, reduce monthly churn, and engage more deeply with people. Julia's written for TechTarget, ThatWhitePaperGuy, CGI , ServiceRocket, and more. Connect with her through her newsletter at https://spacebarpress.com/newsletter/, or online @juliaborgini.
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Carrying On Business During a Pandemic

Posted by Julia Borgini on 8/31/2020

The global pandemic threw everyone for a loop and has left us all feeling uncertain about the future. How long will it last? What happens if my family or I get sick? Will I be laid off or furloughed?

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4 Considerations When Seeking a Broader Learning Audience

Posted by Julia Borgini on 6/4/2020

Photo by Philippe Bout on Unsplash

With all the online tools we use today at the office, it's no wonder training professionals find it a challenge to get their content out to a wider learning audience. Employees have access to so many apps and logins it's hard as  training pros to squeeze your way into anyone's tool stack or busy schedules. 

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Encourage Deeper Learning with Deliberate Practice

Posted by Julia Borgini on 3/26/2020
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Encouraging Companies to Bundle Customer Education with Customer Success

Posted by Julia Borgini on 10/18/2019

As more companies have Customer Success (CS) teams onboard new customers to their products, they're unintentionally missing an opportunity to drive revenue by adding Customer Education programs up front. 

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Trends: How AI Will Affect Customer Education

Posted by Julia Borgini on 9/19/2019

Alexa. Siri. The Google Assistant. The chatbot pop-up on a website. The suggested films and shows created just for you on Netflix. What do all these have in common? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

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