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Dennis Hurst, founder and president of Saltworks, has been at the forefront of application security and software development for more than 30 years. Extensive managerial experience across all aspects of the software development lifecycle – DevOps, testing, QA, product strategy, IT operations, etc. – has made Hurst a trusted advisor of application security programs for Fortune 500 companies across every industry. An influential member of security and software industry associations, Hurst is a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance where he co-authored the first two versions of its Application Security guidelines, and is an advocate for the Open Web Application Security Project. A sought after industry speaker (FutureCon, ISE SE Executive Forum, StarWest, etc.), Hurst also provides best practice and industry insight to the media, research and analyst communities. Previously, Hurst held strategic application development and security roles at HP and SPI Dynamics. Since 1999, he’s been a dedicated member of Atlanta’s vibrant business and technology community. Hurst remains committed to partnering with organizations to build world class application security programs that support the rapid pace of enterprise software development.
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Secure Code Training Tops IT Agendas

Posted by Dennis Hurst on 4/20/2021

The past 18 months have been surreal. Change and uncertainty left no global stone unturned. Work from home mandates forced the long-overdue shift to hybrid, virtual staffing models that those of us deep into the software industry had already begun to embrace (crowdsourcing, gig economy-based teams, etc.). Companies struggled to make the shift from in-person technology training to online eLearning platforms.

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